Wreck-Defy - Powers That Be (CD-BUNDLE)

Wreck-Defy - Powers That Be (CD-BUNDLE)
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Wreck-Defy - Powers That Be (CD-BUNDLE) Bundle contains: CD, Shirt, Woven Patch  ... mehr
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Wreck-Defy - Powers That Be (CD-BUNDLE)

Bundle contains:

CD, Shirt, Woven Patch


Review by metalexpressradio.com 

Wreck-Defy formed in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 2016.  They released two independent albums and have swapped a few band members since then.  2020 sees the release of Wrek-Defy’s third full-length release Powers That Be. The album was produced by Juan Urteaga.

The Album:

“Beyond H8” kicks the listener right in the teeth with its manic drum beats and guitar riffs.  Ex-Annihilator vocalist Aaron Randall’s vocals are full of anger and vitriol, yet still have a sense of melody to them.  Guitarist Matt Hanchuck’s solo is on par with any virtuoso out there.  Wreck-Defy shifts tempos back and forth throughout “Powers That Be.”  Judging a person by their character is the theme behind “Skin.”  Randall doesn’t growl as much here, as he wants this message to be heard perfectly clear.  If Testament and Alice in Chains had a baby, the outcome would be “Drowning in Darkness.”

Randall plays a little Jekyll & Hyde vocally on “Scumlord,” as the protagonist struggles with drug addition.  Another killer guitar solo ensues at the half-way point.  Wreck-Defy couldn’t get more current with “Freedomless Speech.”  A simple driving riff leads the charge here, but it is swiftly expunged buy ferocious drums, bass, and guitars.  The sign-off track “On the Other Side” is a complete 180 shift, but it works.  The band should explore more of this shift on upcoming albums.

The Verdict:

Powers That Be is political, volatile, and intense.  A 51 minute roller-coaster ride that you won’t want to get off.

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