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Note: The release is scheduled for 09/16/2022. However, shipping may be delayed due to... mehr
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Note: The release is scheduled for 09/16/2022. However, shipping may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.
The vinyl colors shown are digital previews and may differ slightly from the final product.


Doc Gator Records is proud to present the second album of the Heinsberg modern metal hopefuls.
After their sensational debut album Through Fire, which was released in 2019 and forwhich the vinyl edition was in our hands, we are happy to have fully gained the band's trust and to be able to exclusively take care of CD and vinyl in different versions at Doc Gator Records.

In the hard time during the pandemic, Jenny and her guys grew even more together and used the isolation to prepare for their next step. The band has stepped it up a notch in all respects - promised! Ghosther's music is labeled as female fronted alternative metal, metalcore or just great fresh metal music. There is even more groove, more lush riffs, more catchy choruses and more dynamics on the 13 brand new songs of Immersion, which was written during the beginning of the pandemic.

The album was recorded in the summer months of 2021 at Pitchback Studios, where Electric Callboys and Any Given Day have also recorded their albums.
Immersion was produced by Ghosther and David Beule (ex-Vitja). Aljoscha Sieg is responsible for the mix and mastering.

No other than Björn Strid (a.o. Soilwork, Terror 2000, Disarmonia Mundi, Coldseed and The Night Flight Orchestra) features on the first single Doomed.
Joey Tyler, vocalist from one of New York's most aspiring Bands VRSTY also contributed guest vocals to the Song More Of The Same.

The terrific artwork is done once again by Daniel Hofer of Archetype Design.

Jenny Jansen (Vocals)
Andy Gaube (Gitarre/Backing Vocals)
Frank Stellmacher (Bass)
Ronnie Jansen (Drums)

1. Resistance
2. Karma
3. Doomed (featuring Björn Strid)
4. One Black Eye
5. Criminal Love
6. Better Days
7. Immersion
8. Drowning
9. A Beautyful Mind
10. More Of The Same (featuring Joey Tyler)
11. Afterglow
12. Thallium
13. Infectious

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